Bart De Smedt

Hallo, ik ben Bart De Smedt

As a Master in Applied Economics I specialized during my studies in the transport and logistics sector. My thesis on congestion in the European airspace did not mention that I would later end up in real estate. Studying the real estate market in Bucharest cranked up my love of real estate. In 2010, after a period as a researcher, I definitively switched over and started working for Quares. From my position I try to shape our real estate challenges of tomorrow and look at what position Quares needs to take in order to remain the sustainable leader in the sector. 

I combine my broad economic background with my academic attitude in order to achieve reliable project realisations. I am eager to learn and am not afraid to explore new markets. My sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for work, my strong social and communication skills make me a reliable partner in your project team.

I recently became the father of my first son. A wonderful experience that currently fully absorbs our little spare time. When the babysitter is on duty, I try, as an old faithful chiroman, to dedicate myself mainly to club life and enjoy good food and a special beer from a local brewery.


- I obtained a Master's degree in Applied Economics (2007) from the University of Antwerp. I specialised in Transport, Logistics and Spatial Economy. 
- In 2007 I was awarded the VKW prize for Entrepreneurship for my project thesis on Real Estate in Romania. 
- In 2007 I also started working as a researcher at the Department of Transport and Spatial Economy at the University of Antwerp. 
- Until July 2010 I worked for the Policy Relevant Spatial Planning and Housing Research Centre where I researched space for economics (offices, logistics and retail) commissioned by the Flemish Government. This research focused on the interrelations between transport, real estate developments and spatial planning. 
- In August 2010, I started at Quares where I work for the Consulting department. 
- In 2014, I became Head of Innovation for this department.
- At the end of 2016 I was appointed Director of Consulting.