Dear Customer,

In recent years, the Management division has worked hard to achieve a high level of automation in our organization and the underlying customer and building portfolio.

The purpose of the “innovation wave” in that respect is to gather data and to strive for transparent output – an output that not only launches the learning process on our own way of working and (in)efficiencies, but also a process that yields insights into our customers, their assets and their customers (tenants).

We want to ride that wave of innovation to take our data engagement a step further in the future – not only by generating output, but also by obtaining an outcome solution; to arrive at a situation where, based on the data gathered, we can play a further role in terms of benchmarking and even of predictive simulations.  

In this way, we draw even closer to you as a customer, and grow even more committed,  whilst you experience immediately our expertise and dedication for your customer in turn.

Kind regards,


Your Quares team